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Sujas is an open kitchen run by an Indian housewife who revolutionized the catering of homemade takeaways. Personalized catering is our trademark. The kitchen is staffed with trained chefs who prepare mouthwatering delicacies for any occasion - private, corporate, large or small.

You can depend on our professional chefs for all your catering needs. For time-tested traditional Kerala recipes to North Indian delicacies and Chinese cuisine, Sujas offers a huge spread of delectable dishes. No matter what the occasion, you can rely on our value-for-money catering services. Whether it’s breakfast, an executive lunch or a casual family re-union or picnic, we know you’ll be impressed with our food and services as much as your guests.

Over the years Sujas has become the trusted name in healthy executive lunches, ready–to–fry snacks and party services. Join the feast to taste the flavors of central Travancore and the flavor of India in typical delicacies prepares in a hygienic kitchen by professional chefs under Mrs. Suja's supervision.

  • An exclusive kitchen with a lady's touch
  • a blessing for bachelors and working women
  • Ready to fry snacks makes your life easy
  • Home food for your unexpected guests

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